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Well, the new CSS changes are coming along swimmingly, along with the code updates. I've also been quickly rewriting the code to switch from my weird, convoluted mess of classes and lists to a simpler semantic HTML set up (using things like <header>, <footer>, and so on.) With the new changes, I think it looks a little modern, if a little sparse with the lack of any graphics. Not like I need those.

There's still a checklist to be completed:
1). Postit needs to be completed. Right now, as it stands, only I can make a Postit and assign it a user — which isn't ideal, and since it only acts as a basic comment system for my posts, it seems pointless to tout it as a microforum until I can figure out how to make independent posts (though, now that I think about it, it shouldn't be that hard).
2). User pages are awful and needs to be fleshed out.
3). Markup overhaul. The existing markup uses old BB style square bracket toggles, like [b] and [i] and so on. It seems pretty dated and I'm not so used to it, so I'll develop my own standard and not provide documentation. Markup's been finished with a new format: *(html tag)/Text/. It works pretty well, but it has limited support in terms of what it can and can't do (which is good.)

There's a fourth item, which is import ALL the previous posts from the old rants that I still have, not that there ist much point and most of the Souvenirs are embarrassing and dated, but there's no point to not hide them.

Well, that's it for now. Expect new changes as time comes along.

[Edit 1] I finished the user page. Cuz that list was in no particular order. It at least gives definite updates on when the last post was made, instead of the relative dates (which may need some expanding anyways.)