Gatekeeping Writing

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Back at it again with another blog-post.

So some shitsheet blog posted a quasi-advertisement on the Writing subreddit. Here, I'll give you the overview of my thoughts on the subject:
Shitsheet Example 1. Don't click the article link. I'd rather not contribute to egocentricism and giving into this guy's idea that his methodologies of marketing his blog actually works. Or at least, don't contribute it.

So here's the gist of it: "Write every day! I've been doing that for two years, and see how I'm successful I am!" Which, successful, in this case is spamming subreddits to try to get blog hits (and thereby, ad revenue for my blog). I also published a book (but I won't talk about it, the process of writing about it, or the work involved.) DAE high school english suck?" That's the basis of it.

The idea is to motivate people to write, yeah? Well, telling them to write ought to work! Like, tell anxious people to stop worrying. Or tell sick people to get better. Or tell assholes to be nice. That'll work. And sure, sure, you might go on and say, "But Neek! He's posting it on a community of writers!" And the advice is still pointless.

He's not telling people to write everyday. He's telling them that if they want to call themselves writers, write every day. To leave those that don't feeling like they don't belong, all based around some arbitrary distinction. We call this gatekeeping -- and it's some hefty bullshittery right there.

Want to be a writer? Produce. Don't write everyday. Don't write when you have free time. Sometimes, cat videos are good for the human soul. Just, when the mood strikes you, write something and share it.

Don't go around thinking that publication is the end goal. Most of us, who write, won't be able to quit our day jobs. But is that why we do it? No. We do it because we have ideas to share. We want to communicate our experiences. We want to write stories about gallivanting knights sent on errant errands. So don't think that, "I want to be a writer," is answered with the answer: "Go write!" Because volume's not the point. And telling people who aren't inclined to get off their ass to get off their ass is missing the point by miles.

You don't cure depression by being happy, and if you're hesitant to start writing, take it slow. Draw it out. Talk it out. Jot down ideas or explore fiction that shares your ideas and motivates the imagination. Then do a 180 and watch some shitty romcom and drink a beer.

Because that's what I'm doing.

And when the mood strikes me, I'll write. I just don't need some numbnuts on the internet telling me that I'm not a writer because I don't make social situations, in which I'm weird already, already weirder by sneaking away to write.

And I don't need to post this blog as a side-show to a low-effort post where I invigorate highschoolers and college freshman by telling them the establishment has conspired, in their secret faculty cabal, to eliminate free-thought by teaching standards and technical communication skills.

So don't be like that guy.

No one likes that guy.

Thank you.

I'm out for now.