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Alright, one more for the road: There's a podcast I've been listening to, the Roundtable Podcast (roundtable.com). I strongly recommend you listen to it.

It's a basic show in its premise: A writer has brewed a broth, but it needs more cooks. But it's a literary broth, and the number of cooks are just right, not too many. The writer pitches their outline and characters, and they dig in, tearing it apart, weeding out the bad parts, try to explore on other aspects that were missed. You get the idea.

Now I'll be honest and take a little aside, I had an idea for a similar podcast. But it's taking short pitches and working them into full stories with a cohost and maybe a few guests, and it wasn't going to be serious. This one, though, is serious. What came of that, probably like all other projects, I know not.

Back from the aside, what's great about the show isn't the pitches. To be fair, describing a story in an outline format seems to suck its soul out. What follows in each episode, though, voids me of apathy like taco bell voids me of cheap, greasy tacos: I get excited about the story when they start delving in, and bring the story's ideas out in a central light with suggestions and spins. It makes me excited about writing, which while I've been doing it on and off, I've seen more as a chore as of late.

So if you want something good to listen to, listen to it. Also the host, Dave Robison, another Tennessean as far as I can gather, probably makes an amazing DM too.