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Or, a completely made up work.

First of all, an update. In the last rant, I talked about Beneath the Blue Pale not appearing on the ARCHIVOS podcast. I should clarify. I'm not giving up on the story altogether. I'm still working on it, I just need to get over this concept. This thing that holds me back and is going to probably haunt me for a long while.

We'll give it a name.

It's the name of this rant. Ataxonomia. These are the things that sum up my work. My writing and stories and projects. My identity. It's the avoidance of classification. It's hating to put complex ideas into little boxes. It's when presented with the label of something, I immediately want to do anything in my power to defy it. A little angsty rebellion.

Don't think this is some /r/iamverysmart shit, with this bullhockey that my ideas are too big, too grand for that. No. They're not. */Beneath the Blue Pale/ is as a I described it when submitting my story to ARCHIVOS. I'm not going to list all the ways I wanted to avoid it with Beneath the Blue Pale, but the avoidance and insistence to abandon classifications makes a terrible product. It makes an idea too hard to sell. Too awkward to present. And I'm not talented or well connected enough, all zero-readers of this here blog, to even attempt something like that. Something that morphs and changes the further you look into it because I disdain the grain of the status quo, even if it's this shallow facsimile. Like wearing a Star Wars t-shirt and ranting about the military nostalgia complex sapping adults with the fondness they have their own childhood.

Not saying I'm innocent here. I'm just pointing out the ridiculousness of it.

If there's a simpler word for ataxomomia, it's being difficult. And you, Neek, are being difficult.