He was a great warrior

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I should really get started back on the old site before things get too in depth. I mean, I don't want to use this nifty news script as my only source of outletting. I hate using the term blog or journal, but that's all the accumulation of my l33t web skills have accumulated.

I'm looking at the script now and trying to figure out how to piece it all together to create a coherent story. Hell, I'm a short fiction writer. I'm not carved up for this script writing stuff, but it depends on how Ren handles it. She's a good artist, hell, a great artist in my book. I'm looking at frames to put some of her original drawings up, I'm that impressed with her. I'm a shitty writer if only two things happen: Ren can't make good comics, and no ones reads the site.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Sure. Who reads the comic right now? We've done no linking. We've no advertising or whoring ourselves out to other webcomics. I'm too busy making the webpage and writing scripts. I'm not thinking about where the fans come from. They'll come, somehow. I guess I do have a fear, two of them in fact, about getting a webcomic done. So many people have one. I'm not in competition with them, but it seems like to get a reading base, we'll have to compete for bannerspace and all that shit. Get on lists and get cycled through like all the others.

But somehow, I have a feeling that the readers will just come. It doesn't matter how. A good comic doesn't need to whore itself out. And I hope Ren and I aren't on the street corner in fishnets, if you catch my drift.

Now I said I two fears. So what's my second? Our real lives getting in the way. I mean, real lives. Ren and I decided to a webcomic together. We checked our real lives at the door. But somehow that has a problem of catching up. Like, school. But that's a totally different writer's rant for another day.