We shall send him to Valhalla

Posted . #bourbon county

dry contact lenses don't make reading tiny code so easy, but i've managed all throughout the night while talking with ren.

simply put, i've finished putting together these scraps of code to make a webpage, and i'm damn proud of it because life's so much frickin' easier because of it. and who can complain, i mean, really?

i'd like to think this webpage i made kicks ass, but you know, it might not kick that much ass. in fact, there might be five people who'll read this and this entire project is shit.

but at least i got the webpage working. that's what counts, am i right guys?

i'm going to turn over, only because it's fucking late, and i need sleep. we'll see how this comic goes over the next couple weeks. if it's good, it's good and this entire no-sleep thing i've been doing for the webpage and ignoring all that fun class-work stuff, it might've paid off.