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I haven't exactly been working all too hard on the website as of late. Much less trying to think of things to blog about. Ideas and concepts fall on me like a deep, heavy fog and it's easy to fall back into that fog and forget the outside world exists. Which is why sometimes I forget that my blog exists. That I should be putting something in here, anything. Any thought or ramble. Hell, there's a reason it's called rant after all. It's senseless words slapped onto a webpage with no real point or direction, and it can be anything from webcomics I did with a friend back over a decade ago, or when I tried my own hand at it and now feel horrifically embarrassed that it's there (but it's there.)

Oh well, back to it all. Beneath the Blue Pale is stalling a bit as I try to punch up the dialogue. There isn't anything resembling levity, and the heaviness of it feels hokey to me. It needs to be something more, so I'm circling like a vulture over it until either it breaks or I break.