Taking a break and doing something in Bronze

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So I had to give it a rest. With Moonbarred or Beneath the Blue Pale. The podcast episode with the Roundtable probably won't happen, either.

Also, the podcast has been renamed to the ARCHIVOS Podcast Network, which is a lot more poppy than The Round Table (a fact that was pointed quite frequently on the show.) It would have been a Brainstorm episode, had it happened. They're doing some cool stuff with it (link). I'd check it out.

The reason it's not happening is, well, I broke it. I'm what they call a seats of a pantser, someone who writes on the fly. The whole concept behind Moonbarred, which is about a young woman taking a vacation to the intergalactic equivalent of New Jersey and finding trouble (no crap), was that I had an idea. And I started pouring that idea out page after page, taking the plot through a shaky idea in my head. Except it broke apart the moment I tried to define it. I had to piece together a 6-8 minute pitch, with theme, setting, characters, and plot... and the more I worked at it, the worse it all got. The dumber it seemed. The more untenable the plots and events, that had been burning in the back of my mind, became. So I gave it up.

Instead I've been toying around the idea of a new story. An old story, I guess? Based off D&D settings and half-baked ideas, inspired by video games and some books I've been reading recently (omg the Expanse series is awesome. Sort of.)

But there's one story I've been wanting to tell. A demythification of a myth that's never happened. A story of lives, civilizations, and a world on the cusp of falling apart. And in a setting that interests me greatly: The Bronze Age.

Meet the Infamy series, a work in progress of half-assed world-building and "epic" fantasy (where, were it for not the facts of the characters, it'd make a pretty trope-worthy epic). It follows mainly Rodah, the mercenary with a hereditary curse of just poor luck, as well his father's own bad luck (or bad decision making) falling into Rodah's lap. To regain his father's honor, and his place in his clan, Rodah sails to the Edge, where the sphere of the Earth is shattered and everything falls into the Oblivion, to slay a dragon. It's cool. The oracle told him to do this... except... he fails to kill the dragon, but snatched her three eggs out from under her.

So what happens, when you have an egg sweating water? One sweating dust? And another never falling, sometimes floating, and sweating wind and cloud? You could say, there are four elements: Water, earth, and air... except, where's the fire egg? And why were they about to teeter off?

And so on. The first book, of this tentative series, is titled Rodah and the Sweat of the Seas, where he's joined by the warlock Svaitlaugas, a strange being? man? who has seen the beginning and end of time a thousand times over, but he knows this time around, he hasn't seen things before, and his assistant Dalia, a bastard girl with hopes and dreams of nobility and a knack for a hustle, and a forlorn princess, daughter of a king who seeks to throw his empire away on good will.

Maybe I'll pitch this one to ARCHIVOS. It's not starting with me just putting words down, but actual planning. And I don't feel like I'm breaking anything, only improving. Let's see how they feel about that!