Monthly check-in

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Well, it's been a month.

In that time, I think I made one FB post on the KneeQuickie page and it attracted like, no one. There have been zero new users to the KQ as well. I'm still working, still in the military. Went to the field this past weekend, froze my toes off and made coffee with a hand-grinder, percolator, and a sterno stove. Sternos suck, going to definitely upgrade.

But we also did something amazing. We, as in we Americans, elected a new President. Every four years, this comes up, and every four years the rhetoric becomes weirder and weirder as new issues crop up around us.

This election's anxiety: Trump's a second-rate Mussolini impersonator who attracts flies to that carcass he calls hair, and Hillary's going to open borders to Mexico and enact Shakira Law or whatever. Personally, I was looking forward to Shakira Law. Hip perjury ought to be a felony, but I didnt' see Trump making any stand on that platform.