Update June 2016

Posted . #rant

So I promised a post about the VA choice the last time I posted... about seven months ago. So that's not going to happen. Let's establish two things real quick:

1). Let it be known that I hope the program works out for the best.

2). Who really is going to call me out on this? I know for certain no one reads this thing anywhere.

Which brings me to my next point, why even have this website at all? I rarely post, no one reads it. The Postit forum barely works.

I guess part of it is I like the idea of having a blog. Moreover, I liked it so much that I spent hours, if not days, working on the code. Everything in this website is hand-made (except for the logo. Hey shitty, poorly rendered penguins!), and there's a sense of accomplishment that I know enough CSS, HTML, PHP, and MySQL to have this thing work, and every iteration of the code gets more competent and professional with each go.

So expect more blog posts, whoever you are, because I'm going to be making them.