This is what this site is all about

This is Neek. This is my blog. It's a simple blog. See, I built it from the ground up.

About Me

I'm a military hobbyist, conlanger, writer. I brew garage-quality, high-gravity wines. Hell, one batch was made out of Welch's fruit juice and I dare you to find prison toilet wine that tastes any better.

I started coding rant more than 10 years ago, and it's been going through massive iterations and changes, though I've kept it up. I could have went to a wordpress or blogspot, but I figured, why the hell not make my own? I mean, I know the coding, and I'm always willing to learn -- each iteration's taught me more about the structure and design of web design and coding language, so I'm going to keep at it.

About Rant

Rant is meant to be a multipurpose blog, where when the nerve strikes me I can make a post, or when I produce a fancy webcomic, I can post them on here as well instead of coding a dedicated site like I've done in the past.

In the Archive, you'll see references to a few categories: Rant, Poetry, Short Story, Souvenir, and Picture. They're all fairly obvious in their intent, but I figured I'd help you out with a few of them.

Rants are blog post (duh). Poetries and Short Stories are self-explanatory too. Souvenirs are adopted from my old, short-run webcomic, "Souvenirs from the Penguin Gift Shop." I haven't produced one in eight or nine years, but who knows? They might make a comeback. And Pictures are, well, pictures. Though I don't think that category's going to get much use.


I'm not quite there yet with the copyright, or what kind I wish to use. So here's the simple version: The code on this site can be freely shared. Want crap code cobbled together by an amateur with half-baked features and no documentation? I got you, fam.

As for what gets posted on this site: It's free to be shared, as long as the sharing is free and for non-commercial purposes, BUT it must be attributed back towards me. Giving me heads up is nice, but not mandatory. Attributed works that I post on this site, such as work produced on the KneeQuickie or linked works (such as constructed language grammars) follow the listed copyright in their works properly.